Quick Outdoor Pop-Up Shelters for On-Site Carpentry

Tips on using quick, cheap fabric structures for temporary work shelter on trim jobs. December 27, 2008

Does anyone know where I can look into a pop up canopy (temporary tent) so that I can set up my tools outside even in the rain? I need something easy to set up, maybe like 8'x12' or close to that. With some remodel jobs I get it's impossible to set up inside so i have to set up outside, and when it rains it's not that pretty.

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From contributor P:
I got one from Sam's, I think it's 12x12. It takes about two minutes to set up. I think Sears has them too.

From contributor J:
Do you have an enclosed utility trailer? I've run into the same problem as you and have been thinking about getting one of those roll-out awnings like you see on RVs for my 20' trailer. I think that would be slick and certainly easy to operate.

From the original questioner:
I do have a trailer but I don't want to rely on the trailer for a canopy. What if i can't get close to the house Im working in or don't have the room to set up next to it? I like to be able to set up anywhere that I find easy to work from.

From contributor D:
Good point. I'd like to have something similar. It needs to be able to be anchored so the wind won't relocate it though..

From contributor J:
I purchased my last one at Sam's club for around $200 and make sure you anchor it. We were trimming out a home in light rain and a minor breeze without stakes or weight and a gust took it over the roof across the yard and onto the fence. Luckily there was no damage to anything but the pop-up. We now use jugs full of sand and bungee cords so it doesn't matter where we set up.