Angle for Coping Crown Molding

Looking for the magic number. December 26, 2004

I have heard from some finish carpenters that there is a special angle for setting the miter and the bevel on the compound miter saw which makes the coping of inside and outside corners easier with crown molding. Does anyone know what this angle is?

I have to cope crown on a set of kitchen cabinets and I would rather not resort to wood filler or spend the next four hours sawing and filing to make things fit.

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from Contributor A:
Here is a link to a spreadsheet that I wrote. It has several formulas for woodworking. One is a crown molding calculator. You can do any wall angle, any crown slope. There is also a worksheet for cutting the compound angles on a box that has dual slopes (front and back have different slope than ends). You will need Excel or Star Office to read this file.

Spreadsheet Calculation Program

from Contributor G:
I can't remember the exact numbers, however, our Hitachi chopsaw has them pre-set. I believe a few other saws do also.

from Contributor F:

The magic numbers are for cutting crown flat on the saw table. For standard 38x52 degree crown, set the bevel at 33.9 and the angle at 31.6.

from Contributor J:
It's been a while… Contributor F is right on the 38/52 and I think the 45/45 is 35.6 angle and 30 on the bevel. Again, "I think."