Hanging Heavy Mirrors

Quick explanations of three workable ways to hang a large bathroom mirror. November 11, 2005

I need to build and install a fairly large framed bathroom mirror, about 3' x 4'. What method do you use to mount a framed mirror securely and safely to the wall? It seems like a simple enough thing, but other than hanging it like a picture, which I don't really like, I'm drawing a blank.

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Keyhole hangers. They're mortised into the back of the sides of the frame and when hung, the frame will fit tight to the wall surface. If you don't have studs where you want them, you can use a threaded wall anchor which is driven into the drywall like a screw with a battery drill and has a hole to receive a pan head screw.

I've built a bunch of these for clients. I start by rabbeting frame stock for 1/4" plywood. After I miter and assemble the frame, I attach plywood in rabbet with glue and brads. Now I can attach frame to wall with panel adhesive and screws into studs. Then the mirror guy comes and does his thing.

I install large mirrors every day. I use an inter-locking track system called Z-Bar. There is a section on the back of the frame, and another section is on the wall, then they slip together. The product is sold in a "light" and "heavy" and comes in 6 foot sections. The mirror will hang flat and is extremely secure.