Polystyrene Crown Molding Tips

Quick advice on cutting and fastening polystyrene trim. August 7, 2006

I am using polystyrene crown (condo installation) for the first time. Will this stuff cut okay on a mitre saw (carbide blade)? What kind of adhesive works best? Also, when coping inside corners in a square room, is it easier to cope both ends of the two end pieces or do one cope cut for each piece?

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From contributor S:
Yes, you can use a miter saw with your regular blade. The moulding suppliers also carry the adhesive you want to use on joints. Miter whenever possible. If you need to cope, run one wall full and cope one on next wall, work your way around the room. You will only need to double cope your last piece if it is an inside to inside corner. If you have outside corners in room, start at insides and work your way to outside corners last and make your final cut at outside miter. Remember to use adhesive at wall and ceilings along with joints. Nails only hold the stuff up as the adhesive dries. If you don't use enough, it will come off the wall as the heads of the nails go right through the material.