Lumber Weight Calculator

Calculator Instructions

Moisture Content:
(when scaled)
            % if MC has changed since scaling, you may recalulate weight at next screen
No. of Board Feet:
(At MC specified above)
leave value at 1000 for "lbs per 1000 Bd Ft"
Actual Width: Inches: Fractions:
Nominal Width: Inches: Fractions:
Actual Thickness: Inches: Fractions:
Nominal Thickness:            
Actual Length:    Feet: Inches:

View "Weights of Wood" Chart

Instructions: Lumber Weight Calculator

Moisture Content:
Enter the moisture content (MC) at which the lumber was scaled (i.e. when the board foot volume was measured). Decimal values are acceptable. Do not enter fractions, and do not enter the percentage sign after the value.

No. of Board Feet:
Enter the board footage value as measured at the moisture content (MC) indicated in the Moister Content field above. Leaving the board footage value at the default (1000) will produce a resulting weight in pounds per 1000 board feet. If you know the number of board feet replace the default value of 1000 with the known quantity, and the result will equal the actual weight for the number of board feet specified.

Actual Width:
Enter the actual measured width of the lumber, in inches and fractions of an inch.

Nominal Width:
Enter the nominal measured width of the lumber, in inches (and fractions of an inch if appropriate).

Actual Thickness:
Enter the actual measured thickness of the lumber, in inches and fractions of an inch.

Nominal Thickness:
Chose a nominal thickness of lumber. Lumber less than 3/4 inches thick should be entered as 3/4.

Actual Length:
Enter the length to the last full foot. Do not round up to the next foot. Any inches entered will not be considered in the calculation.

"Calculating the weight of lumber" is a detailed article regarding the calculation of Lumber Weight. If you have any questions regarding the methodology used in WOODWEB's Lumber Weight calculator, we suggest that you post your question at our
Sawing and Drying Forum.

You may also want to review our "Weights of Woods" chart ... if you know the total board footage value you can use this chart to determine the estimated weight.

Click Here to Access the Lumber Weight Calculator

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