Whispering Pines Farm

30 miles SW of Raleigh NC. Custom producer of large, solid beams, wide live edge slabs & quartersawn lumber (max beam size 10" x 20" x 56ft with our swing blade mill, and up to 26" square and 25' long with our band mill. We also sell barn wood and trailer decking. Slabs up to 72" wide and lengths to 56' Solar and Nyle DH kiln capacity up to 25' lengths'. Moulding capacity 8.5", jointing/planing capacity of 25", horizontal resaw capacity to 16", and widebelt sanding capacity to 52".
Contact Name:Scott Smith 
Location:6664 Beaver Creek Road
New Hill, NC  27562
Phone: 919-291-0095 
Service Specialties:
Custom Sawing
Kiln Drying