Nantucket Gate/Arbor

Listing #1466 Listed on: 09/28/2008 Company Name: Heritage Joinery Ltd.
Name: Rick

This is a reproduction of a Gate/Arbor that we saw on Nantucket Island. It is 100% solid mahogany with a barrier coat of epoxy, a coat of epoxy primer and two coats of exterior latex paint.

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Posted By:kol
beautiful, I like it.
Posted By:shawn fender
Very impressive! I want one in my living room!
Posted By:Robb carey
Wow. Looks beautiful and a lot of work.
Posted By:Bonita
Why did you use solid mahogany - an expensive wood - when the item was to be covered with several layers of epoxy and paint? Nice work even though.
Posted By:Erik Disler
Wow, what a garden piece! I guess if you like to spend that kind of time on an outdoor piece, you might as well use the mahogany. A good woodworking friend of mine is restoring a painted mahogany higgins (makers of the ww2 pt boats) boat that has withstood the test of time in a marine environment. I'm sure this piece will be with you for generations.

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