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Listing #166   Listed on: 01/20/2005

Company Name: Thomas Hirsz WoodworkBuilt to sand tabletops, etc. and designed to fit well in my small shop.

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Motor and axles are mounted on a pair of 10' long 4"x4" angle iron bolted to the top of the cabinets.

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Axles are bolted between 2 sections of angle iron. Whole assembly can be adjusted to track belt by turning threaded rods in or out, then tightening hold down bolts. No welding anywhere, easy to take apart for moving.

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Machine uses a 5 hp.,1730 rpm single phase motor. Belt speed is 1895 fpm. Belt wheels are doubled up 12" forklift wheels on stub trailer axles. Sliding tray uses 400 lb. full extension slides. Not finished are the banks of drawers underneath for all the small tools and supplies of the shop.

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Posted By: Charles     [02/13/2005]

Hey Tom, your sander is an inspiration. I never would have thought this could have been put together so easily and still be so functional. Had you thought of a design running the belt in a verticle position, so that your work could rest on a table while being edge sanded? That's about the only thing I think I'd like to see on this.

Posted By: Tom     [02/13/2005]

Thanks Charles. I have since added a tilting fence on top to help edge sanding and a 12" sanding disc with a table. Disc is mounted to the lug nuts on one wheel. Also added dust collection built into the cabinetry with blast gates behind each wheel. Very little dust now. Before this the dust was incredible!

Posted By: Fred LeBail     [02/23/2005]

Tom, just curious about the length of your belts. I have Posted 20 for sale in Classifieds. They are 8"x164" of various Grit.

Posted By: Tom Hirsz     [02/23/2005]

Fred, My belts are 6" x 264". Yours must be for an edge sander, they are shorter and wider.

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