Dutch Pull-out Dining Table in Canarywood

Listing #2212 Listed on: 07/27/2009 Company Name: Woodworks by John
Name: John G. Eugster Member

This table was made from resawn and book matched, 8/4 Canarywood. It measures 34" x 48" in the closed position and expands to 80" with both leaves pulled out. The challenge was to obtain a flat surface as there is a lot of movement with this wood,I think that the beauty of the wood trumps that flaw. I used ebony pegs to pin the mortise and tenon apron as well as the bread board ends. The finish is Danish oil with multiple top coats hand rubbed on with wet/dry sandpaper. I use a three part mixture of boiled linseed oil, gum turpentine, and polyurethane.

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Posted By:Tyler Morris
Awesome table. I have made 2 of them over the years. And yes, making (and maintaining) a flat top is very important. I hope you finished the top side and underside with the same film thickness. Pull-outs are fun to operate!
Posted By:John Eugster
Hi Tyler, thanks for the compliment. This is my second as well, the first was oak and oak plywood so flatness wasn't a concern. It was also a coffee table. I agree with how fun they are to operate, the article from Tage Frid about them boasted how you didn't have to unset the table when unexpected company came by at dinner time! I need to touch up the finish on the top, we put a coffee cup on a vinyl coaster and the heat and vinyl reacted and left two dull spots! Thanks again, John
Posted By:jeff
Very nice!!!!
Posted By:Stacey
Love the table! Can you tell me what kind of hardware allows table leaves to pullout?

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