Round Modern Quartered Walnut Custom Fireplace Surround

Listing #4019 Listed on: 12/18/2012 Company Name: Mountain Modern, Inc.
Name: Kevin Werbinski Member

This is a fireplace surround to go in the middle of a conversation pit in a house in Jackson Hole, WY. It is quartered black walnut veneer. It's 6'4" in diameter and 17-1/8" tall. It sits in the middle of the living room conversation pit surrounded by radiused couches all recessed in the floor. One quarter of the side is removable to give access to the gas controls underneath. A really sweet set-up.

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Posted By:Andy Kearney
Nice piece. What kind of finish did you put on the piece and are you worried about the heat of the fireplace shrinking the lumber? I noticed you use plywood for your frame which should be more stable than solid wood.
Posted By:TerryPullen
Very nice. Perfect curves and crisp edges, great work! How did you make the grain of the veneer bend around the arc on the top surface?
Posted By:Jon Andrew
Looks great. I would love to see it finished and in place like the rendering.
Posted By:Ezra Drissman
That black walnut is absolutely stunning. Very cool and unique piece.

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