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CNC Sculpted Panel Wall

Listing #4444   Listed on: 08/24/2014

Company Name: Mcgrew woodwork

Contact Name:   James McGrew

Sculpted paneling cone on my CAMaster ATC 508 using the Vectric Aspire Texture Toolpathing.

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Williams Brice Stadium USC

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End Zone Wall

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: Esl     [08/24/2014]
The joints where the panels meet are way too obvious - the software should take into account the overall size of the wall and each panel should be individualized so that the joints are less noticeable.

Posted By: James Mcgrew     [08/24/2014]
All real well and Good Unless specified exactly as shown and Installed.

Software had no input other than each panel is the same machining file repeated. If I were to spec I would tile and match. Aspire has all this capability as well. I wanted .25 reveals at the horizontal "Joints" same as the verticles which I had to prove to her were needed, showered her the horizontals Client did not the reveals

Posted By: Robert     [08/24/2014]
That's a pretty cool look James. What kind of material was used for the wall panels?

Posted By: James Mcgrew     [08/24/2014]
.75 HD F "door core" 2 " ball nose bit bout an hour a panel

Posted By: James Mcgrew     [08/24/2014]
.75 HD F "door core" 2 " ball nose bit bout an hour a panel

Posted By: Jeremy Talbot     [08/24/2014]
Very nice! We make those at work using Alphacam, they do take some time to run.

Posted By: Charles     [08/28/2014]
Aspire is great. I have Vectric VCarvePro and have also used the Texture Toolpathing for similar backgrounds between raised objects in carved panels. Virtually everyone who walks by the panel hanging on a wall in my shop is compelled to touch the background with a finger. Vectric really makes it easy.

How did you sand the panels?

Posted By: James McGrew     [08/28/2014]
we sanded these by hand

Posted By: ejlat     [09/15/2014]
Looks great, You should try Valchromate, thru color MDF, eliminates need for sanding.

Posted By: James McGrew     [09/15/2014]
I just contacted them Thanks !

Posted By: Sodamn Insane     [09/17/2014]
Very very nice! Thank you for taking the time to post and to inspire.

Posted By: Kerry Fullington     [09/23/2014]
Thanks ejlat, I have been looking for that material.

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