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Moon Gate Entry

Listing #4482   Listed on: 10/31/2014

Company Name: Woods Shop

Contact Name:   Joe Wood

Moon gate entry with japanese style wide board fencing. All material used was clear vertical grain western red cedar. We used twenty 3/16" x 6" x 22' long laminations glued with Titebond III.

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Moon Entry

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Moon 2

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Moon Window

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Moon 3

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: David R Sochar     [10/31/2014]
Thanks, Joe. You made my day!

Very good design and excellent execution.

I assume that is a cold bent laminated circle that you wrassled into a form?

Posted By: Joe Wood     [10/31/2014]
Thanks Dave! yes, we used twenty 3/16" x 6" x 22' long laminations, glued with TBond III.

this is another one built using the same methods

Posted By: Shaun     [11/01/2014]
Incredible design! The plank sizes in the fence, the fasteners and of course the entry way. Who designed this? Shop?
Customer? Architect?The design is remarkable and the build is spectacular!

Posted By: Joel     [11/15/2014]
atta kid!

Posted By: Joe Wood     [04/18/2019]
I designed and built it Shaun :-) You can see more here

Posted By: Joe Wood     [01/09/2022]
actually the new link to that project is

Posted By: Robert McRae     [05/09/2022]
Can a rank amateur build this? I would love this on my property!!!

Posted By: Joe Wood     [05/09/2022]
No t really, you'd need to build the laminating jig first and that's more work then the laminating part!
I do offer some nice moon gate kits :-)

Posted By: Robert McRae     [05/22/2022]
I would love to have a kit that is fairly doable by a non carpenter other than my old shop class.

Posted By: Joe Wood     [05/22/2022]
Robert I just PMd you :-)

Posted By: David     [08/01/2022]
I'm in palmdale California 93551 I like to have a gate like this

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