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Mechanical Cellarette

Listing #4559   Listed on: 03/30/2015

Company Name: Woodworks by John

Contact Name:   John G. Eugster

This project was a very complex one to say the least. My client approached me about making a Mechanical Cellarette and I'd never heard of one! After some research learned that it was a cabinet with concealed storage, usually for liquor and was something found during the Victorian era mostly in Europe.
It stands 42" high, is about 44" wide and 20" deep. Solid Bubinga was used with Italian Marble inlaid on the top. The center section raises using an appliance lift #1001-A from Auton.
The pictures taken in his office didn't turn out the greatest but I'll try to link the video as well. If you're interested in reading my blog about the trials and tribulations (there were a few!) of this piece they are listed under the label of Mechanical Cellarette.
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Video of unit in shop

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