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Prototype chair

Listing #4819   Listed on: 09/27/2016

Company Name: D. C. Nauman, Chairmaker & Cabinetmaker

Contact Name:   Dave Nauman

A chair I was hired to build as a prototype for its designer, the Zipperer Studio in Brooklyn, NY. It looks simple, but it wasn't.

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Zipperer armchair

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Posted By: TonyF     [09/27/2016]
Dave Nauman:

It does not look simple at all to build. Nicely done. The design seems to have a certain Hans Wegner/Michael Thonet vibe to it, don't you think?

Posted By: Dave Nauman     [09/27/2016]
Thanks Tony, and I agree about the inspiration behind the design.

Posted By: D Brown     [09/28/2016]
Wow , very nice work ,Danish /modern ?

Posted By: Andre     [12/17/2016]
That is one beautiful chair.

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