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Juniper Wood Furniture

Listing #591   Listed on: 03/02/2007

Company Name: The StoneWood Gallery

Contact Name:   Mark Cobb
This cabinet is made intirely of Western Juniper using wood dowel construction.
Teak oil finish.

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Jniper cabinet

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Juniper Cabinet

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: matt chamberlin     [03/17/2007]
wow, that juniper looks fun to work with. It looks alot like some eastern cedar I've worked with.Are junipers and cedars closely related?

Posted By: James     [03/19/2007]
Eastern Red Cedar (ERC) is not a true cedar, it is a juniper.

Posted By: John     [07/29/2011]
Your true cedar is pencil cedar.

Posted By: woody     [10/10/2011]
I have used juniper a few times but find that the beautiful colors fade out rapidly. Does anyone have a solution or experience with this wood who might help an old fella?

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