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Barrel saunas

Listing #706   Listed on: 05/24/2007

Company Name: Hot Stuff Canada

Contact Name:   Rob
Here are a couple pics of my barrel saunas. They are made of White Cedar from Northern Ontario. I've been building these commercially for about 3 years and have about 200 of them spread across Ontario, as well as some in Europe. The unit on the trailer is one of 5 built as rentals for a customer near Toronto.

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rental unit

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This is the only Pic I have small enough to post. I'll reduce some more.

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stained walnut

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: Daren     [05/28/2007]
On a trailer those barrels would make a one of a kind small RV/camping trailer or fishing/hunting cabin. Throw a cot and a porta potty in and you are out of the weather.

Posted By: Jason     [05/30/2007]
Very nice!

Can you post a shot of the interior? I agree with Daren about using one as a camper ;) Whats your prices?

Posted By: Rob     [05/31/2007]
Thanks guys! I sell a "bunkie" option which is quite popular, but I've yet to sell one for a trailer unit. I'll post some pics of the interior too. We sell the barrels for $5000 CAD with wood or electric heat, but without the trailer. On a trailer the price is $6800 CAD.

Posted By: mark     [06/19/2007]

I have several questions regarding your barrel sauna:

How much would be shipping + delivery to Pennsylvania, USA zip 18328?

How much would be Barrel sauna with following specification:

Size 7 X 8

Material use for barrel and all interior: Basswood 1 5/8 - 2”

Cradle – oak

Hoops Stainless steel

Heater: Wood fired stove Fired from outside

Best regards.


Posted By: Rob     [06/22/2007]
Hi Mark,
I'm working on a quote for you. Can you please e-mail me at ?

Posted By: Bee     [09/16/2009]
I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA how much would it cost to have it over here witout the trailer and how do I take care of the wood since wood shrinks and expands?

Posted By: Glenn     [10/03/2009]
Rob: Can you please get in touch with me about having one of these barrel saunas built for me. Call me. Thanks!(705) 474-3679 North Bay

Posted By: Ren Blais     [11/08/2009]
Do you have any more barrel saunas? What's the pricing - I'm very interested.

Posted By: Carey Huffman     [05/27/2010]
What are the prices of your bunkie barrels? Can you please send some pictures to me?

Posted By: Dom     [10/28/2010]
Hi Rob!
I need a bunkie barrel! Only thing is I live in Spain (Europe)! How can I have one over here and how much will it cost me in euros? Is it possible?

Posted By: Dom     [11/15/2010]
Hi Rob,
I'm interested! I'd like to see how it would look inside as a bunkie barrel (twin or double). Have you got any pics?


Posted By: Outdoor saunas     [12/09/2010]
Nice Saunas and picture. I want also suggest to visit similar site
Tom Henrry

Posted By: Sandi     [03/30/2011]
Hi Rob. I'm interested in a barrel - do you have any pictures? Do you have any other orders to BC you could double up on shipping?

Posted By: Nelson Allan     [04/27/2011]
Barrel sauna is a new technique and same as home sauna.

Posted By: Marcel Ekelschot     [08/16/2011]
I have one of your saunas at the cottage and love it. The outside stovepipe and the stove itself however are starting to rust and wonder what the best way is to minimize that issue. Also, since the stain has started to wear off, any recommendation on what new stain to apply?

Posted By: Lena     [09/25/2011]
Hi Rob, I am interested in a 7x8 barrel sauna with a wood fired stove to be delivered to Long Island, NY.
Would you please send me a quote?

Posted By: Henry     [10/26/2012]
Could I have your phone number as I have many questions!

Posted By: Cherity prater     [11/02/2013]
I'm very interested in a price just barrel stain ,or nothing on the inside, and no doors. If you could email me a price I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Posted By: Manfred Putzka     [03/22/2014]
Hi, I was wondering how much the barrel sauna is on a trailer. thanks for letting me know. Manfred from

Posted By: jan     [11/04/2014]
Hi Rob,

Do you have a distributor in Europe for your barrel sauna’s?
We are based in Belgium and are interested in reselling the barrel sauna’s, also the ‘rental’ models on a trailer..
Please sent me som quotes?
Thank you

Posted By: Manfred     [07/10/2015]
Hi, do you still do you business? I was interested in a sauna on a trailer ...thx for response, Manfred

Posted By: h     [01/31/2016]
How much does the barrel and trailer weigh? Looking for lightweight camp trailer for small car to tow. 1500lbs max
thank you

Posted By: Marc Laplante     [11/29/2018]
I Rob, I want a no if you sell the plans for making one all by my self

Posted By: Mary R. Thao     [02/18/2022]
For all those who are looking for a barrel sauna, at they have the best model I have seen. It doesn't go in a trailer like this... but it's excellent. 100% recommended, I will put a pair of tires on my new barrel sauna to take it everywhere haha

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