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Fantastic dinosaur bank

Listing #940   Listed on: 12/08/2007

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Contact Name:   wes
This is a bank kids love. Coins are placed in the dinosaurs mouth and then travel down a zig-zag path to the dinosauur's 6" diameter, spherical belly. It is fun to watch and listen to coins racing to the dinosaur's belly.
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Posted By: ken c     [12/10/2007]
Where did you get the ball?

Posted By: Wes     [12/10/2007]
There's a plan available with a list of sources, but I used two 6" diameter acrylic globes from the lighting section at Home Depot. I cut the globes in half.

Posted By: terry     [02/20/2008]
do you have more banks

Posted By: Terri     [02/01/2009]
Hi: Will the bank accomodate larger coins like half dollars or dollars?

Posted By: Wes     [02/01/2009]
More banks are in the works but are not ready yet.

The largest coin that fits in the bank is a US quarter. Another track could be cut to accomodate larger coins. Smaller coins would go down a track for larger coins, but would be hidden from view for most of their traverse down the track. As the track is designed now, pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters are visible their entire traverse down the track.

Posted By: Susan     [08/21/2010]
Where can I purchase the plans for Danny's Dinosaur Bank?


Posted By: Reba     [09/29/2010]
I would also like to purchase the plans for this bank.

Posted By: Leah     [01/26/2011]
I would like to buy this for my son. Can I purchase a Danny's Dinosaur Bank?

Posted By: louis persic     [03/02/2012]
I'm absolutely certain that the plans for dinosaur bank are in demand but I cannot find them anywhere. HELP!

Posted By: Kelly     [04/24/2013]
Are these available to purchase? I want one please!

Posted By: Heidi     [05/08/2013]
May I please purchase one as well? What are the specifics and cost?

Posted By: Peter     [05/27/2016]
Hi are these plans available anywhere?

Posted By: Debbie     [04/23/2018]
is there anywhere I can get the plans for the dinosaur coin bank

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