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Mesquite Valley Woodcrafts

Listing #62   Listed on: 01/31/2008

Mesquite Valley Woodcrafts is run by Caleb Scarbrough. He started milling wood in 2006 with his dad at age 17 simply to supply wood for his own woodworking interests. He soon started having requests for sawmilling services from local tree cutters and landowners, and also for high-grade lumber from woodworkers from coast to coast.
Their primary woods are Texas Mesquite and Pecan, but they also usually have a cache of walnut slabs, elm, oak and aromatic cedar as well. Recent expansion to a dedicated building for wood storage and processing has increased their ability to serve their growing customer base. In addition to sawing, they kiln dry their own lumber and also have a full service shop where they can process the wood according to customer's needs.
Pecan lumber stickered for drying in the kiln.

  A gigantic mesquite log that actually proved to be too big for our saw! It measured over 114" around in some places.

  Sawing cedar logs from east Texas for house trim and landscape timbers.

  Sawing a large pecan log removed from a Barnett Shale gas well site.

  A Texas Pecan trestle-style coffee table, handcrafted by Caleb from the first pecan tree he milled.

  Custom mesquite outdoor table with turquoise inlay

  Pecan butcher block countertop

  A mesquite/rosewood lazy susan turntable, one of Mesquite Valley's main products.

Company Name:   Mesquite Valley Woodcrafts
Contact Name:   Caleb Scarbrough
Location:   Waco, TX  76705
Year Founded:   2006
Sq. Footage:   7,000
Employees:   3
Gross Sales:   N/A

Product Specialties:
    Hardwood Lumber
    Milled Lumber / Lumber for construction
    Other Wood Products

Service Specialties:
    Custom Sawing

Sawmill Equipment:
    Other - CATERPILLAR 252B2 Skid Steer
    Other - PJ Trailers
    Woodworking - Powermatic, Delta, Jet, SC
    Planers - Powermatic 209HH
    Woodworking - SawStop Table Saw: 3hp, 52"
    Other - Oneida 5hp Professional Dust Cyclone
    Woodworking - Extrema 36" Wide Belt Sander
    Kilns - Nyle L200
    Sawmills: Portable - WoodMizer LT40 Super Diesel

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: Wayne Norris     [11/24/2010]
Hi, I am looking for a supplier for my Custom Molding Business I have just started. I'll be in touch for pricing. Thanks.

Posted By: Jo Cromeans     [10/27/2016]
We have some HUGE pecan chunks from a tree that was cut down, it wasn't dead just deemed dangerous as it was in the power lines. Would like to sell them,one piece is estimated at 4 tons! Anyone interested?

Posted By: Mike Barker     [06/11/2020]
I'm a supplier of mesquite logs. I live in Abilene, tx. Looking for buyers

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