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Red River Maple Ltd. Co.

Listing #71   Listed on: 02/09/2008

We specialize in woods most sawmills would refuse. We love the kind of stuff with lots of character i.e. "defects". If it's clear, straight grain, vanilla lumber we usually turn our nose up to it.

We closed the mill to the public in December of 2007; we're an online mill only and have never looked back. We ship worldwide and have never been busier. This is due in large part to our discovery of the finest patch of Flame Boxelder (Acer Negundo) in existence! That's not a shameless ad either, we sure do not need any more advertising thank the good Lord.

We have also been cutting a great deal of large natural edge crotch slabs, and use most of them ourselves for local sales.

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Company Name:   Red River Maple Ltd. Co.
Contact Name:   Texas Timbers
Location:   Fannin County, TX  
Year Founded:   2004
Sq. Footage:   0
Employees:   2
Gross Sales:   N/A

Product Specialties:
    Hardwood Lumber
    Other Wood Products
    Softwood Lumber
    Wood Waste

Service Specialties:
    Custom Sawing
    Kiln Drying
    Straight-line Sawing

Sawmill Equipment:
    Sawmills: Portable - Woodmizer
    Planers - 25" Spiral Carbide

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Posted By: John Hollaway     [07/28/2008]
Harvesting walnut trees 1000+ 226 acers - black walnut, English walnut and bottom oaks. E-mail back and I will send pics. I'm taking bids now before winter.

Posted By: Jack Brandon     [10/14/2020]
We are looking to purchase 4x6 post and and 2x6 cross boards for our new farm fence in Grayson County. Post 135/and cross tember 350 pieces.

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Company Description Continued
We cut them by standing the crotch upright, cutting vertically, wielding a 6' chainsaw bar "freehand". Most of them we allow to dry a few years. The next step is to do the rough smoothing which we do with a power hand planer in a quick and dirty (but highly effective) cradle jig we custom build around each slab. We then do the finish smoothing with a human-powered hand plane and ROS.
On occasion, we will begin processing the slab immediately and put it in service "wet", using construction methods suited to allow the slab to move all it wants to as it dries without destroying or even adversely affecting the frame. We use various oil finishes and have had great success using these techniques with green slabs. The joinery and finishes we choose allow for "tune ups" to the slab over the years without having to destroy the frames to re-surface the tops if they move drastically. As many of you may have guessed we use partial or full "knock-down" frames for green slabs, employing proven joinery and construction techniques that make for a rock solid, but versatile frame.
These crotch slab tables are more of a passionate hobby for us than anything, as is our sawmill operation. The Flame Boxelder is the only thing we do as a serious financial endeavor as far as milling is concerned, but it is an absolute privilege to harvest, process, and use. Find something you love to do and it all comes together eventually . . . . . .

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