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Greensburg High School is a small 1A high school in southwest Kansas. I have been the teacher here for four years. There is a lot of community support for our program and through the years there have been several shop teachers who have made a big impact. We had a really awesome shop, which is why I moved here four years ago. It was probably over 10,000 sq ft when you include the metals and auto areas. They used to have a second teacher to teach metals, but he left right before I started. I do a little metals but and more of a wood man. Right at the end of a very successful first year here we had a tornado which pretty much wiped everything out. We have been trying to pick up the pieces and get things back together again ever since. The school is almost finished and will be ready for classes next fall. The last three years have been spend in a campus of mobile trailers.
The wood shop is what it is for now. Hopefully sometime soon we will get a pretty sizeable addition and have a bigger wood shop and a decent metal shop. We make do. Once we get going we don't have much space, but we have really nice equipment. We got a large donation of machinery from WHM Tool group which really helped us get back on track. We build mainly furniture. We have done some light construction, but it just depends of how it works out with the kids and their other classes. For construction we really need two classes back to back for an hour and a half or you just cant get much done.
Old Shop
Old Shop
Old Shop
Old Shop
Old Shop
Old Shop
Old shop, metals area w/ a trailer we were finishing up.
Trailer we built and hauled our projects to the fair in, one week before the tornado.
The wide beld sander is on the left side, and man am I glad we got it up and going.
You can't see to well, but there is a Powermatic joiner and tablesaw that we saved and our radial arm saw is in there too.
I think I see one of our lathes in there.
Building shelves in our sweat shop following the tornado.
We built a ton of really crappy cheap shelves for all of the temporary classrooms and both libraries. It was not exciting and not very rewarding.
We spent the first semester working in this awesome set up while we watched our shop getting built in the distance
Working in our temporary shop
Almost time to move into the shop.
Notice the football field to the left. That is where the new school is now.
Storage for shop
Storage for shop
Construction Project
Construction Project
Back of new school
Back of new school
Temporary School Campus
Best dog ever
Tool Cabinets
We saved a lot of our bar clamps, but all of these new one were donated by WHM Toolgroup
Drill Press, mortiser, and dust collector donated from WHM.
Spindle sander donated by WHM Tool Group
We build the one work bench to double as plywood storage.
Salvaged Radial Arm Saw
Salvaged Joiner
We saved one lathe and WHM Tool Group donated the other. My grandfather also gave me a donation that I bought the duplicator with. He past away one year and two days ago. He was a true carpenter.
We replaced our old Newman 600 with this 22" spiral cutterhead. It is awesome. We sold the Newman at an auction and I ended up going home with it.
Miter saw salvaged, new stand.
We make all of our raised panels on this. I may think about getting a shaper when we have more room. We actually salvaged our old air compressor, but it crapped out this winter and I could by a new one cheaper that replacing the compressor on the old one.
Powermatic Table Saw that is probably 50 yrs old still going strong.
Timesaver Sander 37. As awesome as the old shop was, they didn''t have a sander before I came here, so I found this one used and said if they got it I would take the job. I had a drum sander at my old school, and this thing is so much better. I would probably like woodworking a lot less without this piece of machinery.
This is kind of our metals area. When we first got into the shop we did a lot of metals, making wood storage and the glue table and different things. It gets so crowded now, I don''t really teach any metals. We use it when we need to, but we don''t really have any metals projects. We built that little cart for unloading the wood truck. Hopefully when we get some more space we will have a dedicated metal shop area for trailers and bigger projects.
Glue Table/ Plywood storage (probably not the best combination)
Jet 18" bandsaw donated by WHM Tool Group
Finish room. It is a little small and the ceiling is too low, and the door is to small to get into. At the end of the year, it is too busy, so we stain out in the shop (not ideal) and just use the room for spraying.
I had never seen one of these in a high school shop before. We just used the old kreg jig at my old school and that was the greatest thing ever when comparing it to doweling everything like when I was in high school.
Both of these were salvaged from the old shop. I had to replace the big arm on the face frame table.
Powermatic Table Saw donated by WHM Tool Group. We do all of our dados on this one. We do a little ripping and crosscutting too, but most of that gets done on the other one with the big outfeed table. I might put a small outfeed table on this one, but I like to be able to get close to help with dados, which you can''t do if to get it too big.
My office
Crowded Shop
Crowded Shop
Crowded Shop
Crowded Shop
Crowded Shop
Crowded Shop
Crowded Shop
Company Name:   Greensburg High School Woodshop
Contact Name:   Peter Kern
Location:   Greensburg, KS  67054
Year Founded:   2007
Sq. Footage:   3,200
Employees:   1
Gross Sales:   N/A

Product Specialties:
    Cabinets - Custom Cabinets
    Furniture - Custom Furniture
    Woodworking - General

Shop Equipment:

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: Frank Williamson     [07/04/2010]
Emotional to see your pictures. God has blessed you and your town in so many ways. To teach the kids how to give back by using your shop is one heck of a lesson. Great job Peter! Keep it up

Posted By: Ryan Hellmer     [07/14/2010]
That's fantastic. I've really been impressed with the rebuilding of Greensburg. Heard lots about the new hospital but it's nice to see the school is coming around and keeping woodshop in the curriculum. That's where I learned, the ol' high school shop.

Posted By: Sauli Jokinen     [07/21/2010]
A really nice set of pictures! It's odd to watch damages made by a tornado, since we don't have tornados in finland.

Posted By: Jeff M     [07/24/2010]
NIce job. From a fellow shop teacher of 17 everything in your power to put SawStops in your shop. No matter how much you stress safety, there's always that chance of your kids getting into a saw, especially cutting dadoes. I had a student loose 3 fingers early in my career....believe me, you don't want that on your mind.

Approach it as a liability to the school. There have been lawsuits against schools claiming negligence because this technology was available and not purchased.

I have 3 sawstops in my shop at school and one in my home shop. Believe me, your stress level will go way down when you hear that saw start up!

Posted By: Peter Kern     [08/17/2010]
Thanks for the comments. It has been quite a journey. We just cut the ribbon for the new school on Monday and school starts on Thursday. It will be quite a year. Plans are in the works for a much needed 80x80 addition to the shop sometime in the near future. Jeff- we had to replace our Delta Unisaw after the storm and I had the superintendant sold on a SawStop but then the big donation from powermatic came through so we didn't get it. I am looking into buying one and then trading it to the school for the powermatic and use the powermatic in my own shop. We have never had an accident in my 8 years (knock on wood) but it only takes one mistake, so it would be nice.

Posted By: Edwin Bennett     [08/29/2010]
Great series of pictures! You guys did a marvelous job rebuilding. Your spirit is something never to forget. In the future with a spirit like that anything can be accomplished.
WHM has been truely a good neighbor in "The Good Samaritan" sense of the term.
Best of luck to all and God bless who made it happen.

Ed Bennett

Posted By: Holden Graham     [05/09/2014]
Hello I am a student in high school from New Jersey and I wanted to go to my school board and eventually build up a wood shop so my question is how is the best way to get money for it and what steps need to be taken

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