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Listing #1093   Listed on: 08/24/2010

We create High-end developmental toys for infants, toddlers and children. We have 3 employees but only two of us are in the shop full time. This is good because we are working in just under 200sqft of shop space set up in 9'x22'. We have some other storage space but no other production space. My personal training was as a custom cabinet maker, and a degree in Historic Preservation and Restoration Technology from College of the Redwoods. We are planning on getting a new shop space within the next year. We have had to be very creative in our use of space and still be able to keep up with our production demands which has been a challenge. Some prep work takes place outside and then is brought into the shop for final production.
This is the newest addition to our shop. I feel so much better having my apprentice use the table saw now. I will eventually get the 5hp cabinet saw but this is more than adequate till then. Just a note I cut about 400bf of 12/4 ash with no problems on it. Great saw.
This is our router table. We use three different roundover bits more than any other so I have them in their own routers mounted on the plates so they can just be switched out when needed, instead of set up every time. Some day I would like to have a table with three routers.
This is the Romaxx HS-1 CNC machine, it has a cutting capacity of 12"x19.2". This is perfect for us because we only do solid wood, I have to special order the maple that we use to net wider than 8" to maximize the cutting.
This is the back wall of the shop. I can't wait till we get a bigger shop and I can have a proper miter saw bench. Right now I have to precut longer pieces outside with a circular saw. The Jet lathe was the first purchase we made for the business.
This is the Bandsaw with the Kreg fence. This week I am gettning a riser block for it. The Laguna Edge sander is a recent addition, and really has one purpose which is to put a chamfer on our blocks. I had to do some major rearranging to fit it into that space. Also my much too small and cluttered work bench.
This is the front, left-hand part of the shop. Spindle, and Disc sanders and the Drill press which also doubles as a sanding mop.
This is the entrance to the shop. We have a grand total of one garage door for an entrance.
Company Name:   Little Sapling Toys
Contact Name:   Nick Christensen
Location:   Boise, ID  83703
Year Founded:   2008
Sq. Footage:   198
Employees:   3
Gross Sales:   160,000

Product Specialties:
    Woodworking - General

Shop Equipment:
    Powermatic - 15" Helical head planer
    Bandsaw - Jet 14" with Kreg rip fence
    Dust Collector - Delta 1.5 HP single stage
    Delta - 12" Disc sander
    Grizzly - Bench top Drill Press
    Other - JBOS-5 Spindle Sander
    Laguna - 6x99" Platinum Edge Sander
    Other - Jet Mini Lathe
    Other - Bosch 3915 10" Miter Saw
    Other - SawStop Contractor Table Saw; With t-glide fence
    Other - 3 Hitachi 2.25hp Routers
    Other - Romaxx HS-1 CNC w/ Bosch colt spindle and onsrud tooling
    Other - Bosch wormdrive circular saw and jig which acts as a jointer .

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: andrew     [08/30/2010]
well done you dont need a massive workshop to work in IT would be nice but i work under the similar conditions minimum space but mnfr. custom made furniture here
Well done

Posted By: Nick     [08/31/2010]
Thanks Andre. We are going to be moving next year to a new house with a bigger shop. I was looking at one that had a 30x40 shop and I was thinking what am I going to do with all this space, but as we know "all that space" doesn't last very long

Posted By: Jack     [08/31/2010]
Nice stuff, horrible wiring. Run wiring in the new shop in conduit if you have open studs. It's a lot safer.

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