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Drill Bit Display-Storage

Listing #116   Listed on: 01/21/2014

Company Name: The Handyman's Handyman

Contact Name:   Kelly Craig
First, I think it would be worthwhile for anyone looking for storage solutions to run a search for "bit storage" "drill bit storage" and and similar searches." I found a few and couldn't decide which one to post under. There were some really nice solutions. In the end, I said to heck with it and just started another post.

I built this bit storage about ten years ago. I'm one of those who needs everything to be visible. Nothing kills the joy of a project for me more than having to dig around for a tool.

Accordingly, this mounts on the wall and allows you see all your bits at a glance. Like most bit storage devices, this is a simple storage solution, but it has the advantage of allowing you to set several of the same sized bits side by side (others also did this, but used the heavier duty magnets, like you'd use to hold a set of knives). Also, the combination of the magnet and angled back insure bits don't fall.

The bottom of the rack sets about ten degrees off the wall. That or a ball park angle can be accomplished via the depth of the bottom, on which the bits rest, and by the sides that taper.

On the back, against which the bits lean, are mounted two pieces of inexpensive magnetic strip, which can be found at most hobby outlets.

Obviously, the length of this bit holder can be reduced or increased to accommodate need and preference. If desired, another magnetic strip could be added. If it would help organization, vertical strips could be added to separate groups of bits.

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Drill Bit Storage

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Drill Bit Rack

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: al     [03/14/2014]
did you cut that drill bit rack out of on piece of stock?

Posted By: Kelly     [03/14/2014]
It's just two ends, a back and a bottom, all from scrap.

Posted By: Alan     [07/01/2015]
I'm one of those who needs everything to be visible too but it's impossible because I and my brother we both share the storage.I understand you so much! Need to clean up all that bedlam.

Posted By: Clovis Negrão Galhumi     [02/25/2021]

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