3mm Pvc Corner Finishing


From original questioner:

Can anyone tell me how to finish corners as shown in the picture. It's 3mm pvc from Doellken.
We just got this new bander and it's all dialed in but I'm not sure what method to use for finishing.
Any help would be appreciated.

From contributor Ri

If you are going to do a lot of 3 mm, you would be well served to see if you can add a corner rounding station.

I did not have one, and as a result I did not do much 3mm. I shifted to 1mm and still had some handwork for doors and drawer fronts that I dressed with a Betterley air file set up just for that.

For 3 mm I used a laminate trimmer with a 1/8" round over bit adjusted just so. Whenever possible, stack (horizontally - pieces on edge) enough same sized corners together to support the trimmer base. Rout the edge on the assembled stack and then push individual pieces out just enough to trim the corners while keeping the trimmer base supported by the collective parts.

Hopefully someone can share a better process!

From contributor Br

I use a stand alone corner rounding station. I have a Brandt but Holzher also makes one. At the time it was an additional 20K to get added to my bander order, a stand alone unit was 10K. Now, I'd pay it to have it on my machine as it would save having to do it.

From contributor Ha

We use a 3mm round over bit in a small hand held router. Don't do much 3mm. Try to find a used round over machine as others have suggested.