ADA Kitchen Requiremets


From original questioner:

I am drawing up plans for an ADA kitchen and am having a hard time meeting the the 50% shelving requirement {At least 50% of the shelf and storage space in the kitchen will be between 15" and 46" inches from the finished floor} If ayone here has experience with meeting those parameters I would appreciate feedback.


From contributor Al

Well the floor of a base cabinet is the first shelf, the adjustable or fixed shelf is the second and would offset the floor or bottom and the first two shelves of an upper (depending on the difference in depth), more shelves at the lowers, a pantry or a wall mounted shelf at 46" AFF, would seem to get you pretty close.

If you have an island those shelves offset upper somewhere else, a base cabinet shelf is about 2x as deep as a wall so as square footage number it seems pretty simple to get to 50%.

From contributor jo

Thanks Alan,Its good of you to take the time.The ADA code only seems to go by lineal ftg.So no credit given for the base cabs being twice a deep as the uppers.Drawers do count as lineal ftg. The max height for the counter is 34" so if i were to drop the uppers to 46" would only have 12" between,does that seem too tight?.Also I have to dedicate a 30" open work surface and 30" clear under the sink.On top of that I lose lowers from the range,ref. and dishwasher.I was hoping that the island would give me the lineal ftg. i need.Am also wondering if the 30" work surface can be at the island .I have been digging into the ADA site and it does 360s,You start at one link it sends you to another and after 3 or 4 steps puts you right back where it started.