AWI Custom Grade Question - Joint


From original questioner:

Hopefully this is an easy Q...

Due to the odd shapes of a project we're working on, we've run short of pieces of veneer long enough to fill the full height of a T shaped panel. To order more will take longer than we have for the deadline. What we want to do is use a color and grain matched piece to fill in the bottom portion of the T shape. It won't match perfectly, however. My reading of the AWI Standard Section 8 leads me to believe that custom grade allows this, but I just want to be sure.

Thanks in advance!

From contributor Ch

Don't take a chance, get it approved by whoever you are working for. It's as simple as that. If you need panels made up, we may be able to make them fast for you. Contact us offline.

From contributor ro

while I appreciate your response, this was a yes or no question. This architect is already trying to scuttle the project by complaining that we are not using the flitch she specified, which was something she pulled out of an archive, and not a log she reserved. We are ready to be done with this job and move on.

In any case, we will need to provide reasoning for either 1) making the joint, or 2) putting her off her date. The AWI Standard is a bit confusing at points to say the least. I was hoping for an expert opinion on the standard.


From contributor Ch

Did you call AWI ? I would still hold to asking the client, they know what they want, no matter what the 'rules' say; you could avoid a bunch of trouble.

Good luck