A Router Duplicator for Copying Curved Shapes

Here's a slick setup for reproducing complex curved surfaces. December 15, 2005

Does anyone have an efficient method for shaping a solid wood chair seat contour using power tools? I'm thinking about a jig that may be used with a router, but haven't been knocked down with any brilliant thoughts yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I've built myself a router duplicator that would do the job you are asking. My particular duplicator is set up to do pieces no larger than 12"x31", but that is easily adjustable by replacing the rods the linear bearing rides on. You would have to make your first seat and then duplicate it as many times as you wish. You could also get a chair with the correct contours and scavenge it from that. Here is a picture of the duplicator.

Click here for full size image

Photo and duplicator by Leo R Graywacz, Jr.

That duplicator is brilliant. I've always hand shaped my seats (and hated it). I have to make one of these. Thanks.

Check out copycarver.com. I purchased his plans to do this very task. I haven't made the copier yet, but I am confident it will assist with this time consuming procedure.

Depending on the size of your pieces, HF sells a duplicator (I bought mine when I think it was about $200 on sale) that would do it. I made a custom end and use a bowl bottom cutting router bit. I've only done a couple of chair seat repairs, but it did work for me. I made a couple of modifications to it, but it does raise and lower the whole assembly vertically so you have less arcing in moving the cutter.