A Slice of Finishing Shop History

Feeling creative, a woodworker takes a cross-section of the two-inch layer of residue on his finishing table after years of accumulation of overspray. The result is art. April 13, 2012

I built a new rotating table for my spray booth yesterday. The old one had about 1 1/4" of finish built up on it from about two years of finishing. I was bored last night and ripped a couple of strips off to see what it looked like. Basically it looked like rings on a tree, or layers of sediment and rock at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I then took a section and ran it through an old planer at a slight angle to expose the layers more - pretty cool looking. I think I'll try to get a larger cross section and then label the layers.

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Forum Responses
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From contributor O:
Be careful - if a customer sees that, you will have to reproduce it on your next job! Very cool and a great representation of a whole lot of work. Thanks for posting.

From contributor L:
Nice. You could certainly slice it up into thin layers and veneer something with it.

From contributor S:
Frame it and stick it in an art gallery, you will make a fortune. I bet you could get $5,000.00 a slice.

From the original questioner:
We've been joking about using this as crown molding. It would be the most expensive crown molding!