Accelerating Oil-Based Enamel Curing

Is there any way to shorten the drying time of oil base enamel? March 29, 2008

Is there any way to accelerate the drying time of oil base enamel?

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From contributor R:
The accepted way is to use some Japan driers in the oil based enamel.

From contributor J:
Use naphtha as a thinner. Sometimes I use small amounts of lacquer thinner.

From contributor E:
Oil based finishes dry by the absorption of oxygen, not the evaporation of their solvents. Thinning it just means you're putting less dry mil thickness on per coat. Less finish dries quicker. Japan driers help, but not much. Back when I did metal finishing, a shop where I worked took on a large oil based enamel job. They made 0 profit on it because they could not ship it on the promised date. The shop foreman at the time thought he could force dry it in the oven...!

From contributor M:
Benjamin Moore makes an excellent industrial quick dry enamel. Dries in about an hour.

From contributor C:
Heat will speed curing, especially infrared heat application. Sunlight is great and cheap if weather is cooperative. Infrared lamps are very helpful on small to mid sized projects. High end body shops have infrared ovens and they not only speed the cures, but also induce superior quality curing. Automated finish lines also (often) include pass through IR ovens to speed at least the initial drying phase.

From contributor Y:
If oil base enamel is too slow for you, use a different coating. Baking and driers will only shorten the service life of the enamel unless it is formulated to be baked. If this is not an outdoor use, I would suggest a short oil enamel which is formulated to dry faster.