Accounting And Design Software !!!


From original questioner:

What accounting software do you guys recomend for a furniture and cabinet shop. I am also in the look for a good design software that can make my life a little easier.

From contributor JM

Quickbooks for accounting, but you really should have your accountant tell you what they would like you to use as it will make their job easier come tax time. Regardless if you have an accountant or not, you should get one to help you set up the accounting software you choose.

KCD, Cabinetvision, cabinetpro, etc, are all popular choices for design, bidding, and cutlisting cabinets and are going to run several thousand dollars, but most have a monthly rental option.

For a rental only program, check out Mozaic

For cheap/free software, check out Ecabinets(free) or Cabinet Planner ($70 with a 10 day free trial).

From contributor Fr

If your looking for a Design Software KCD Software has a Rental program. You can go to our website and take a look at some of the Videos we have that go over the software. Any questions please call or email.

From contributor st

I would lean toward QuickBooks for your accounting. Easy to use and you don't have to be a bookkeeper/accountant to use and understand it. However, you should work with your CPA on this. Most CPA's are set up for it and one of the nicest features of it for a small business is that can save your company file in a way that can be sent to your CPA, he/she can make all adjusting entries and return a copy back to you to simply upload back into your books.

That said, make sure you have your job cost set up correctly from the start. It may be wise to work with your CPA or someone very familiar with QB on this so you can utilize the tracking and reporting features of the program to the fullest. As an Office Manager I can't begin to tell you how many companies I have seen make a mess of their systems by not setting it up correctly and tracking either too little or too much detail and then having no clue on job profitability.

From contributor Ev

I've searched high and low for an alternative to QuickBooks (they have a near monopoly and that bothers me), but I haven't found anything else that will handle invoicing/books/reports/job costing/payroll in one package. If anybody has an alternative, I'd love to hear about it.
For design, what are you making exactly? Do you use CNC? Each software product is better at certain functions, none are great at everything.

From contributor Ca

In our office, I use Quickbooks Desktop, but am seriously considering switching to the recently upgraded Quickbooks Online platform, in favor of multi-device access, and easier multi-user access. As Evan said, Intuit's monopoly on the market is no good, as the quality of their software is about 10 years behind companies like Adobe and Microsoft, and little competition leads to only minor improvements from year-to-year.
That said, Zero is an up-and-coming cloud-based product that has taken on Quickbooks Online platform, and promises to soon be a very user-friendly, feature-rich, viable alternative to those who have had enough of Inuit's strategies to milk every penny they can from your piggy bank. They still have a few features they need to incorporate before it is ready for prime-time in manufacturing environments (ability to create sales orders, for one), but I expect that soon they will be up with the bid dogs.

From contributor Bi

Also note that if you don't have an accountant or an accountant you like you can get a Quickbooks pro adviser who is usually a CPA. Having someone fluent in the software is a big help especially if you are new to it.

From contributor Pa

I use AccountEdge (formerly called MYOB). Pretty sure it can do everything you're asking for. I can't compare it to QuickBooks because I haven't used QuickBooks, but it's done everything I've needed it to do. I use it because it's what my accountant uses. If you have an accountant, you should probably stick with whatever program he/she recommends.

From contributor Ma

It depends how big you are as a company. for accounting try:

Small: Sage 100 (online)
Medium: Sage 50
Large: Sage 100

that should pretty much cover it. You can also try Act! for CRM or if you want free opensource versions look to SugarCRM.

From contributor Ja


I would go with clearbooks, it's an online solution and I think they have mobile apps too which are useful if you are on the go a lot.

My accountant recceomended it to me and I havent looked back.

From contributor Th

My brother who owns a small cabinet shop is currently using Online 3D kitchen constuctor for designing cabinets. And he also uses it for calculating the cost of a kitchen, it's very handy. I've also tried this soft for my kitchen project and I'm pretty satisfied, you may have a look at it.