Adapting an Airless Pump for Use with an AAA Gun

A pump made for use with airless sprayguns can work with an air-assisted airless gun, but with some limitations. January 18, 2011

We have a Graco 390 airless pump and want to set it up for an air assisted airless gun. Can we just turn the pressure down on the fluid? Any advice?

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From Paul Snyder, forum technical advisor:
You just need to attach the AAA gun, add a small air supply, and turn the fluid pressure down. Have you tried using the RAC-X fine finishing tips with the gun you have?

From contributor E:
I did this for a while using a Binks AA-4000 gun with a Graco Nova SP pump. I added a fluid pressure gauge at the pump output to read the pressure. Worked fantastically well for painting walls and ceilings. For woodwork, it worked okay, but the pump has a much smaller displacement than a real AAA pump (since it is electrically driven by a DC motor, and therefore uses frequent short strokes). This results in pulsation at the low pressures (400-600 psi) typical of AAA spraying. Using a 0.011" tip with waterborne lacquers, the pump would cycle every few seconds. There would be a pressure burst with each cycle, which I blamed for some of the sags I was getting. I switched to an air-driven AAA pump (16:1), and it has a much larger piston and stroke, so it only cycles every few minutes. It is also dual-action, which means it pumps both on the up-stroke and down-stroke. However, you can use the electric airless pump with good success if sags and unevenness are not a problem, and you don't want to go to very low pressures. I would say 600 psi was about the lowest I could reliably use it. This Graco pump was an older professional model with electronic pressure control. I paid about the same for each pump used.