Adding a Fence to a Sliding Table Saw Sled

A quick tip for augmenting a sliding table saw with an adustable fence on the sled. November 28, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
We are looking to put a rip fence (for parallel cuts) mounted on the sled of our Felder sliding table saw (K700 Pro - previous generation). The saw is used daily to square and parallel large panels of various sizes, and we use it to straight and parallel edges on flitched stacks of re-sawn 1/4" veneers. So we want a rip fence that moves easily and accurately across the sled parallel to the blade. Any tips from those who have done this? Could a Tiger Stop system work? We currently use a poor man's system of a stop on the x-cut fence at one end, and a shop made gizmo at the other and set them parallel with a cut stick. Thanks in advance for any recommended aftermarket systems or proven ideas.

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From Contributor B:
We made a simple version of what I believe you are looking for out of a piece of 1/2" ply and some 4/4 for edges. Basically just have the piece of ply with about 3' edge against the fence on the slider and the 8' leg parallel with the blade. Applied 4/4 vertical faces. We clamped it to the slider fence, raised the blade, and skinned the 4/4 so its dead parallel with the blade. Itís not the niftiest system in that you have to pop a quick clamp and slide the jig/fence manually and then re-clamp but it works very well for us and especially the price. Itís no Tiger Stop though. Itís basically like a big speed square clamped to the slider fence. I cut a sweeping arc on the inside to allow room for the operator to stand. We use it regularly for straight lining live edge stuff and for glue line rips.

From the original questioner:
Thanks, I can picture that - an oversized reinforced plywood square that forms an adjustable parallel fence. Itís easy enough to try for a low price.