Adhesion Problems with a Post-Catalyzed Clear Conversion Varnish

Even a reliable and user-friendly CV may have trouble under some conditions. March 13, 2014

Has anyone had adhesion lifting problems with Accessa Innovate on the 2nd coat?

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From contributor L:
What are you using for intercoat sanding?

From contributor M:
That's a Becker product. In ten plus years I have never had one single lifting issue with that product. It is good stuff and designed for the semi to unskilled applicator. If you are having issues it is most likely that the stain was not dry, not comparable or if no stain was used, it may not have been catalyzed properly. But I doubt it's the finish.

From the original questioner:
The rep told the finisher that the stain was the cause; he used their stain and still has wrinkle and lift on the second coat.

From contributor D:
Were you by chance using one of the new and popular extra dark stains on the wood? I know we have had to make some adjustments to the finish schedule on a few of the projects we are working on where the builder has specified oil and solvent based products. With the volume of pigments in them it takes longer to dry before topcoating.

From contributor C:
Too much stain, not wiped (can't paint with stain). Stain not dry (you may have thought it was). Under cat material or you caught the window on the wrong side (middle of the cross-link). Last but not least… first coat not allowed to dry enough and still soft (did it powder on sanding?).

From contributor T:
Contributor C hit the most common reasons for wrinkling/lifting. Innovate normally doesn't have a recoat window but one can open up when the humidity is high (over 70%) and/or when the film build is high. Also Innovate should be used within 8 hours of catalyzing, less if it is hot. Its curing is really retarded if the mix is old. Also if the RH is over 80% during cure, Innovate will never fully harden.