Adhesive Problem With Formica Countertop


From original questioner:

Please excuse me if I sound dumb in this area, but I am a professional cabinet maker and I placed a cabinet on top of countertop and it runs to the ceiling. The problem is the counter top is a formica countertop that was purchased from a local hardware store. The problem exists with the rounded edge of formica. It is coming up along the entire edge (About an 8' section.). I believe the dishwasher is the cause for this problem. Can someone give a suggestion besides removing the top for adhering the formica back to the mdf surface. Any help would be appreciated.

From contributor Ke

I think I would try using a medium viscosity CA. You should be able to work enough up under the edge, then give it a quick squirt with accelerator, then hand hold it down for a about 30 seconds.

Even better to have someone else do the spray, so you can instantly push it down.

CA = Cyanoacrylate

Or if you can clamp or tape it down, epoxy would do a good job. Thickening it with silica powder will keep it in there without worrying about it dripping out over the slow kick time.

From contributor Bo

You touch it you own it. That is the risk you run by trying to repair deteriorating building materials such as this. I would be concerned about the lifespan of any repairs given the situation with the dishwasher.

As a professional I would explain that I feel that the countertop is likely at the end of its lifespan, and that replacement is recommended prior to installation of the new cabinet. I would offer to go ahead and install the cabinet despite this, if they choose to have someone else attempt to make a repair, but that I would advise against this, and get an acknowledgment in writing.

A repair like this sounds like the job for the neighborhood handyman. I doubt my countertop subs would even be comfortable doing this.

From contributor O

PVA glue and masking tape(blue).

with a spatula get glue under edge then use masking tape as a clamp to push the HPL against the edge. let it set overnight.

Cyno glue is great but you have to be very carefull if you get it on the top or on the cabinets, you will open a can of worms.
Go with PVA