Adjusting Sagging Cabinet Doors


From original questioner:

I have a fairly wide cabinet door that is sagging on the non-hinge side. It would probably be acceptable to have some kind of gizmo on the cabinet box to help lift the non-hinge side of the when in closed position.

Does anybody know of anything that is somewhat discrete in appearance but also provide some ability to tune or adjust position on site. The concept is similar to something like these opposing ramps.

Any suggestions how to pick up the non-hinge side a click?

From contributor Jo

Rare earth magnets strategically bored into the door and frame could possibly be a solution.

From contributor ri

We're going to need info about the hinges you are using. If it is just the door, or is the cabinet racking? European hinges will just need to be adjusted. Maybe add another hinge to carry the load. Standard butt hinges? Mortise it in deeper.

From contributor De

I would agree with Rich C. that a little more information would be helpful. Can you also give the actual dimension of the "wide" door (w X h)?