Advice For Carrying Heavy Cabinets


From original questioner:

Does anyone have suggestions for carrying cabinets up stairs, etc. on jobsites. We are getting older and the cabinets are getting heavier. Yes, we have younger guys to help but I am looking to see if anyone is using any labor saving devices that help. thanks for your input.

From contributor Al

Star Trek had something to reduce gravity didn't they?

We tend to try to get the larger projects delivered by the younger guys. This has 2 benifits, the highly skilled (older) guys don't hurt themselve, and they have more time to be productive (using those skills).

I've also noticed that we tend to make the bigger cabinets in 2 pieces if we can. Where as we used to not worry about the weight so much.

Sorry no magical methods hear.

From contributor Pa

Never tried this but have heard about it:

I bought these at one of the shows they work ok but were kind of a pia.

From contributor Da

I looked up the powermate and it appears that it is around $3500. Quite a bit for a hand truck and i'm not sure how it would work in practicality with cabinets.

From contributor Br

change the way you build cabinets. I build european construction using comformat screws. for the large cabinets we asembly on the job site. pantrys and lazy susan cabinets go out in pieces, WAY EASIER!

From contributor ma

I don't think you'll find anything great other than dollies/hand truck.
The shop i work for has the delivery guys to take all cabinets/tops to each level of the house/building.
I think that is the best way to do it.