Aftermarket Drive Belts for Machinery

Woodshop owners discuss the difficulties of finding right-sized belts and pulleys for their equipment. November 8, 2007

I'm looking for a place to buy belts for woodworking machinery. I've tried automotive stores, but they can't match the belt I have.

Forum Responses
From contributor J:
Two possibilities off the top of my head...
1) Call up the manufacturer; they should have it.
2) If it's v-belt style, you can use fiberglass link belts. I've got them on a couple machines and they work pretty good. You can find them at Rockler.

From contributor A:
Have you ever tried putting multiple link belts on a machine? I have a planer that needs new belts and it uses three matched v-belts. I have bought about a dozen of them, hoping to find three that were the same size, no go. They all are within about 1/4" - 1/2" of each other (as far as I can tell). I have tried a couple of Delta dealers, but they all tell me to go to an automotive store. Besides, if they did have them, I figure they would want twice as much, or more, than Napa. Plus shipping (they probably aren't a stock item). I would have to wait.

From contributor B:

Many machines use "L" series belts versus the typical "A" and "B" series belts available at auto stores. I have gotten some "L" series belts at NAPA if I remember correctly, though. Graingers is a good source for "L" series belts.

From contributor K:
Check your phonebook for bearings. Any bearing supply house will also have belts and pulleys, etc.

From contributor J:
In my experience they will be slightly different in length until you get them tensioned up on the machine. After running for a while, they will stretch to their full length. I think because its multiple links, you need the tension to get them all seated correctly. As long as you have the same number of links in each belt, you should be fine. Right now I've got them on my Unisaw, and a 12" disc sander, with no problems to speak of.

As for the dealer, yes, they're going to get you on the parts. I'm embarrassed to say how much I just spent on a new nut for my Unisaw arbor - ouch! Never mind what I spent on the arbor and bearings. But I don't bother with the dealers; I call up Delta's parts hotline. If they still make it, they'll have it.

But if you can get it cheaper at the local Napa, then by all means...

From contributor C:
We [Wood Tech Tooling] should be able to supply you a belt for your shaper. If you have any numbers on the belt you have, or the measurements, that will expedite finding the proper belt.