Air-Drying Lumber for Sheds

Drying time is not critical for lumber intended for an exposed use like a utility shed. December 9, 2010

How long would you think I would need to air dry my boards with sticks between them here in the south before I should use them on barns, sheds, etc? Iím sawing mostly pine and poplar now. I also have a few oak and maple logs that I'm going to saw at some point and Iím not really sure how I want to do it. There seems to be a market for side boards around here for dump trucks. I'm just learning now and not ready for quarter sawing, but am interested in learning more about that.

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From contributor A:
I have sawn and built sheds and barns from both oak and pine the same day. Since they are open to dry on both faces they will dry just fine in place. I try not to let the oak set very long as it gets harder and harder to get nails in it. With SYP I will use most of it within three weeks of sawing but have used it green.

From Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
I agree that same day is fine if allowances are made for shrinkage. Otherwise, probably 30 warm days would be better.