Air-Powered Sander Connectors Wearing Out

How to protect airline couplings on random-orbital sanders from premature failure. January 14, 2013

Our Dynabrade air random orbital sander seems to be going through connectors fairly regularly. The male and female ends get locked together. We're only using it for a couple of hours a day. Is this normal? Would a better brand of connectors work better? Right now, we're using cheapo ones from Northern Tool.

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From contributor M:
Are they left connected all the time? During heavy operation a lot of condensation can build on the coupling. If you are not already using a good air drier and oiler, try that first. Beyond that, popping the connector loose and cleaning it would probably fix the issue.

From contributor Y:
Remove the coupling from the tool and fit its own length of line. All ours have their own 2 meter length of line directly attached. It takes the vibrations away from the coupling.

From contributor B:
Get better connectors. I used to pick some up at HD and they failed all the time. I got some good ones at McMaster and they last forever.

From contributor K:
Get a 2' whip for each sander. We were having the same problem when we switched to them last year.