Air Dryer Basics

Elementary tips on keeping your compressed air lines dry. September 27, 2009

I have no money to spare in the budget, but I want to set up something to eliminate the water in the airlines of my one man shop. Any economical suggestions?

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From contributor A:
One item that made a big difference for me is an automatic drain at the tank. A timer that opens every 40 mins for a few seconds helps alot. I also have a refrigerated dryer but that will cost you some money to get a decent one.

From contributor B:
Check out eBay. Depending on the size of your compressor, it might not cost as much as you think, at least for a used one. I picked up a used Hankison for $400 which can handle 35 SCFM. There's not much to them other than a refrigerator, basically. Search under things like compressed air dryer and air compressor dryer.

From contributor C:
An automatic tank drain is dead cheap at $25 more or less on Ebay. Make sure the lines drain back to the tank.

From contributor D:
Adding to the advice, make sure your drops go up first before they drop down. Lines should drain back to the tank and there are plenty of cheap auto drains out there. Typically, an improper plumb job is your biggest source of water. I've seen many shop where there is no thought given to running the lines. The compressor companies often have guides on this subject, which few folks ever think to ask about.