Air Hose Quick-Connect Durability

A tip on taking the strain off air-hose connections. April 13, 2010

We recently changed all our air hose connectors to Milton high-flow type V quick connects. One by one, they are leaking and falling apart (the springs fail, then ball bearings fall out, and it's a race to shut off the valve at the compressor). We also have two quick connects made by Rectus that came with our Kreg pocket hole machines. These two have lasted years without problems. Does anyone know of a supplier that stocks these connectors or have a reliable alternative?

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From contributor R:

From contributor A:
The Devilbliss high-flows work well in the spray room, but it's not like they are getting that much wear. I've never had an air fitting self destruct like your Miltons.

From contributor H:
I buy whatever is available at Home Depot. Rarely have any leaks.

From contributor T:
These air fittings usually start leaking due to side to side stress against the fitting. I am also tired of leaking hose connections. I buy my hose fittings from too - the push to connect type.

I have not yet performed this modification, but it was something I learned with a pneumatic vibrator years ago with continuously failing fittings. Take the stress away from the fitting. Simply attach a one foot or so lead hose to nail guns, etc. and put the connector there. This way any stress is taken up in the hose and not the fitting. Without the constant side stress the fitting should last much longer.