Air Supply Needs of Line Boring Equipment

Pneumatic cylinders on a line boring machine don't need a whole lot of air. January 23, 2012

I'm finally ready to buy a line boring machine and I've got one more question about the pneumatic part of it. How much air do they consume? My air compressor is 5hp, 2 stage with an 80 gallon tank and a Dynabrade palm sander will make it run constantly. Just wondering if one of these pneumatic machines will suck a lot of air like the sander or not? If they do, I will probably need to get a manual machine, which I'd rather not have.

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From contributor J:
The ones I've had don't consume a lot of air. Maybe the same as a hinge boring machine -on/off.

From contributor H:
Contributor J is right. I have run mine on my pancake compressor when my main one was down for a few hours. I have done the same thing with my bander.

From contributor Y:
It's really only the rotary type motors and spraying equipment that use a lot of air. Cylinders that move things and burst type tools like staplers and nail guns don't need near that kind of volume. If you are not running the sander, it would take a long time for the compressor to kick on.