Any Info On What This Is Used For?


From original questioner:

I bought a house from a guy who was a professional cabinet maker and there is a large box of these hard plastic brackets left in the garage. I don't know if the relate to cabinet making, shelving, or something else. Does anyone know what they are? They say "StoneWall" on one side, and "Front" pointing left, and "Up" pointing up on the other side. Thanks!

From contributor jo

Okay, I'll bite. First, nice antique ruler! I have never seen your plastic widget, but can't resist a brain teaser like this.
The upper gap is for a 3/4' x 2" slat of unknown material, and the hook will snap onto a 3/4" rail of some kind.
I'm going to guess it's some kind of cabinet hanger.
It seems that it should be turned 90 degrees clockwise for use. I'm only making a WAG here. Anyone else?

From contributor MI

i'll bite also , take a look outside & see if u have a retainer wall outside . it is a retainer wall clip.

From contributor Je

Bingo, there is a retaining wall around the property, so that must be what they are from. Thanks!

From contributor Ha

If you flip them 90degrees clockwise, they look like file folder hangers that are clipped onto the edge of drawer sides to hang file folders. Harold

From contributor jo

now I'm going to be hook shy