Anyone Using Good Software To Draw - Note Dimensions On Pictures?


From original questioner:

Our installers have been using tablets to take pictures and get instant technical backup from the factory. These are “just” pictures, but have proven to be a huge time saver to speed up installations.

We wanted to do the same with our technical staff that take measures for new projects. Now they come back with some drawings and dimensions, but there are always questions after by the designers, and surprises like an outlet that was not reported on.

The goal would be to put an application on their tablets that takes a picture, and immediately (without having to save and open up the image in another program) be able to draw notes on that picture with a stylus on the screen. Hopefully be able to zoom in on the pictures and clarify details and dimensions. The notes would be saved with the picture in a common format, so our designers can open it at the office for review. Perhaps using layers.

Any professionals out there using or knowing about such an app that has proven helpful in a similar situation?

Thanks for sharing.

From contributor Al

Bluebeam works with windows and IPADs, not android. Bluebeam lets you annotate the picture as a pdf.

From contributor Jo

I use My Measures Pro on my Ipad. You can take a picture and add annotations right in the app. Then you can save it to your camera roll or email it.

From contributor ja

I use My Measures Pro as well pretty good lick for the nickel !

From contributor Le

Has anyone paired this with a bluetooth laser measure device? I know Bosch has a setup.

From contributor ju

If your using adroid i found image meter to be very helpful. It works alot like my measures

From contributor St

Very good information!
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From contributor Ch

I use my measures pro too. However a friend of mine said there is another app that let's you zoom into the pic. My measures doesn't do that.

From contributor Sa

I've used a couple on my iPad, but I seem to like an App called Measures the best. You take the picture, and then you can draw, annotate, and make comments and add dimension lines. You can also zoom in to get more accurate with your dimension lines. I email directly from from the app as a PDF.

From contributor de

I have a couple Samsung devices and they come with a program called Snote. You can draw, type, take pics and video works great

From contributor Ad

I use a Leica DISTO D810 Touch to take pictures and assign measurements to the images. Check out the attached video for an idea of what I mean.

A lot of the Leica DISTO products are Bluetooth compatible and can send your measurements to the accompanying app. You can get this kind of setup for as cheap as $150.

From contributor jh

there is an iPad app that will not only allow you to draw measurements on photos, it will also perspective correct the photo and put the dimensions on for you.. basically creating an "As-Built" drawing from a photo. it even estimates the scale of the object.. so you have something to work with, then once you correct one of the dimensions, all of them become correct. (then you can add more too if you wish) it even can measure areas.

really cool to watch it work. see demo video at this link

From contributor jh

well now you can do floor plans too..

watch the video at above link.
App uses Augmented Reality and outputs professional level scaled plans for that use.