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Pros share ideas for appliance garage design, doors, and installation. September 20, 2005

I have a customer who wants a corner appliance garage under the corner cabinet. She doesn't want the roll-type doors. Does anyone have any suggestion for the doors? Also, what is the clearance above the countertop, and do you install before or after the countertop? Finally, do you do anything special with the finish, since the garage is resting on the counter and not too far from the sink? Any help is appreciated.

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From contributor B:
I've done it a couple of different ways, and haven't had any complaints. If the corner cabinet is taller than the other cabinets, I also make it deeper so the crown from the other cabinets can die into the sides of the corner cabinet. What this allows me to do it to temporarily screw the cabinet to the wall. Install the surrounding cabinets, and then remove installation screws for the corner cabinet with the appliance garage. I can raise the corner cabinet a couple of inches so they can slide the countertops in under the cabinet. Once the tops are on, I can drop the cabinet to set on the countertop.

Crown isn't an issue because the corner cabinet crown doesn't tie into anything else. I don't have to worry about door clearances because the cabinet sets on the top after it is installed. If the cabinets all tie together, I just put a plywood bottom in the appliance garage and finish it like normal. I set the corner cabinet and let them put the countertops to it. I usually use the first method with granite or solid surface, and the second method with ceramic tile. Communicate with the client and just see what works best for them. Make sure you slip in a charge for coming back the second time if you decide that's what you need to do.

From contributor T:
We have done them with the roll-up tambour doors, with small drawers, or with just a regular hinged door. The drawers are a good option if your client doesn't want the tambour, although they are small and there is a fair amount of wasted space.

From contributor M:
You could use a flipper door slide and have a solid door lift up and retract into the cabinet like a garage door. This way you could use the same style door as the cabinets.

From contributor J:
I would suggest checking out the Hafele Frontlift Swing Up Fitting P/N 372.42.700. I use it all the time and it’s easy to install and works great. It is perfect for appliance garage applications.