Appropriate HVLP Spray Gun for Waterborne Acrylic Enamel

Recommendations on spraygun choice, thinning, and more. November 25, 2008

I am looking for advice on an appropriate HVLP sprayer for waterborne acrylic enamel (SW Pro Classics) for a set of raised panel kitchen cabinets. I've been reading this forum and talking to different manufacturers. I believe I should be shopping for a 6-8 PSI 4-stage based system. Vendors have suggested the CapSpray CS9100, Accuspray 240K and the Graco 4900.

Since I'm a newbie I'd like your advice. There are some architectural details (routed channels with rounded over trim) on the cabinets that I need to get the paint into. Should I be looking at other HVLP manufacturers? Whose gun will do the best job atomizing this paint? Anything else I'm missing?

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From contributor A:
You should be able to spray the ProClassic with a 3 stage Accuspray with excellent results. If you can afford the 4 stage it allows you to spray with less reduction. However, I still believe you will have to reduce unless you use a pressure pot. The ProClassic likes to be reduced about 5% with distilled water.

From contributor R:
I just finished a closet project using ProClassic. 5-10% dilution on a 4 stage Fuji turbine worked great. Super smooth, ProClassic is a good product.

From contributor J:
I second that it lays down very smooth with a 5-10% reduction, and I used a cheap gun from Lowes - I didn't think I could push it through my Kremlin. It's pretty forgiving to spray, and durable.

From the original questioner:
Folks, thank you for the assistance.

Contributor R, did you have any HVLP experience with any other brands before buying the Fuji?

From contributor R:
I have only had experience with cheapo conventional guns before the Fuji... And buy the whip hose too - you will need it.