Are Cryogenic Tool Treatments for Real?

Ultra-cold treatments make claims for improving tool hardness and increasing life, but this thread provides no testimonials. December 1, 2005

Has anyone had any success or noticed any improvement in using cryogenically treated tooling, specifically moulder knives? I've been reading a little information on it and I am considering giving it a trial run. It seems relatively cheap for small items such as moulder knives, so the cost of a trial or two isn't going to hurt. Using a standard guideline of halving whatever these companies are claiming in extra tool life, it could still be worth it considering the volume of machining we do.

Forum Responses
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From contributor A:
I have not used the service. I have, however been contacted by the cryo representatives several times over the years, starting back in 1980. Their claims seemed to fade a bit when I asked them if they would guarantee the extended tool life. They wouldn't guarantee a real 25% increase. Since then, I have waited to see if cryo treating would become the norm for anyone, anywhere. It has not, at least in this industry. Granted, woodworking is slow to accept new technology, but I would think it would be a given by now if it offered any real gain.

From Dave Rankin, forum technical advisor:
During the research that I have been involved with over the last several years, I have tested many cryo methods. The results were not very consistent. Some tools worked a little better and some had to change. A few even showed less of a tool life. Twist bits seemed to benefit the most, once again with little improvement, while planer type blades showed no significant change.