Are templates best for this job?

Using a template to repeat patterns on veneering project. June 14, 2000

I have a job in which there are several pieces of veneer (28) per panel with a total of 8 panels. Everything is the same species.

Although the panel sizes vary, the "inlays" are all the same size. Is it reasonable to make templates, or will anything that I would make a template from expand and contract too much, thus making bad joints? I was thinking plastic laminate.

Or would I be safe as long as everything was in the same room/temp/humidity etc.?

If I understand you correctly, you are making 8 panels (for example, some are 14 inch x 20 inch, others may be 14 x 24, etc.) of different sizes, with an inlay of all the same size within the panel?

If that's right, I would suggest you make all the panels the same size, if sizes are all within a 4-inch size range. Make the panels all the same size (the largest size), then use a template to do your inlay work.

Plastic laminate should work. After making all 8 panels the same size and inserting the inlays, you can cut the panels down to the size needed.

Locke Wilde, forum moderator