Attaching Removable False Fronts

Suggestions include clips, magnets, ball catches, and more. May 14, 2006

I have a base cabinet that has need of a dummy drawer front at the top with a wine rack below that will have accent lighting. The dummy drawer front needs to be removable to wire the lighting and access an electrical outlet. I once saw a prefab sink cabinet that had the false front attached with a plastic dowel that was screwed onto the inside of the face frame with 2 spring catches that mounted to the inside of the dummy front. Then it just presses on for attachment. Any ideas where I can buy something like this, or any other suggestions??

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From contributor A:
Try Hardware Resources.

From contributor B:
Ball catches work well also.

From contributor C:
You'll probably find a number of other options that would also work in the Hafele catalog. I don't have mine handy, but it's a dictionary sized hardcover book which is a terrific resource when you're searching for some gizmo like this. I've learned a lot about how to put things together by just paging through it.

From contributor D:
If all else fails, velcro saves the day every time

From contributor E:
I just did a false door with a set of the double roller catch with spring, which I purchased from Rockler. The door needed to be removable to access electrical wiring in my case, too. It worked out very well. It was easy to get on and off, and simple to align. And if there's no handle hardware it's hard for the kiddies to remove.
Make your opening as per usual and mount the rollers on the inside opening. Then mount the opposing side onto your drawer face.

From contributor F:
Try concealed hinges.

From contributor G:
Why not four magnetic catches?

From contributor H:
Keku clips from Hafele.

From contributor I:
Along the lines of what Adam said, I've used rare earth magnets to hold false removable panels on many times. They are powerful, long lasting and infinitely adjustable, and rare earth magnets are cheap and easy. Rockler has them with screw-on cups to hold the magnets.