Attaching a Tabletop with a Wide Overhang

As an alternative to support brackets, pros suggest a stiff plywood subtop. April 4, 2011

I am installing a 1 1/2" thick laminated tabletop that will have a 14" - 15" overhang. Do I need supports for the overhang? I was planning to use 90 degree angle brackets dadoed in the bases to attach the top. The bases will be attached to the floor.

Here are the angle brackets.

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From contributor K:
Anything beyond 12", yes.

From contributor J:
Instead of the brackets, add a sub top which is 3/4" thick. Screw it down to the base and attach top from underneath. Spreads the weight and attaches it all together.

From the original questioner:
Would I still need supports for the overhang?

From contributor J:
Nope. We install pass-throughs and lots of tops this way.
Good design!

From contributor M:
I agree with contributor J: no brackets needed. But I would use some good stiff plywood such as Baltic birch for the subtop.

From contributor P:
If you plan on going with more than a 16" overhang, you would need some additional supports. As it's only 14-15", it is fine. Other post right on with sub top.