Automotive Paint on Wood?

Two who have tried it say it works beautifully. July 8, 2005

I have a customer requesting an automotive paint to be put on a wooden bathroom vanity – it’s going to be in a steam room/ bathroom where there will be high temperatures and moisture content. Can anyone give me some advice if this paint type will be stable?

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From contributor R:
I would suggest using epoxy paint.

From contributor S:
I've used automotive clear coat for years on wood and have never had a problem. The stuff costs a fortune and the only gloss easily available is super glossy, but if that's not an issue then there is no better coating system in the world. I use Rubber-Seal RS-6000 Euroclear, but any major brand is likely to do well. Full polished acrylic urethane (automotive clear coat) looks better on wood than any other coating I've ever used.

From contributor J:
I recently did a natural cherry/maple table top for a yacht using auto clears for the first time. It is positively the clearest, best looking finish that has ever left my shop.